Smarter tomato harvesting.
It starts today.

Autonomous tomato harvesting

Rethink the way you harvest

The Certhon Harvest Robot detects, cuts and transports your tomatoes to boxes all by itself. And the best thing is: the deep-learning technology will make the robot smarter with each harvest. With the data it provides, you can eventually forecast and plan your best growth yet.

  • Detects

    The robot can detect the fruits and sense which tomatoes are ready for harvesting thanks to vision technology.

  • Cuts

    The scissors are multifunctional and can grab and cut the tomatoes all in one.

  • Transports

    After the tomatoes have been cut, the flexible arm transports the tomatoes to the harvesting box.

  • Learns

    Thanks to deep-learning technology, the harvest robot gets smarter with each harvest.

High tech horticulture at its best

High tech horticulture at its best


Unique skills Unique results

  • Smart In the near future, the Certhon Harvest Robot can also scout the yield and measure the climate and health of the plant, including the functionality to protect for pests and diseases.

  • Multi-functional Detects, approaches, cuts, holds, and transports the product to the harvesting box.

  • Flexible Moves in multiple directions to find the optimum position and route for harvesting.

  • Anytime Thanks to smart cameras and lighting, the robot can harvest day and night.

Dotted background Certhon building

Let’s change the way we grow

Together we can completely transform the world’s growing system. The Certhon Harvest Robot shows what we are capable of when we combine smart technology, ambitious people and horticultural knowledge.


And this is only just the start.

Our mission

When plant whisperers and technology experts grow as one, the entire world changes

Imagine a world unbound by the rules of growing. Where anything can be grown anywhere, no matter the season or climate. And where everyone in the world has access to healthy, safe and sustainable food.


This is the core of our existence. By combining plant science and artificial intelligence, we can completely transform the world’s growing system from within. Whether you want to increase yields, quality, and profits. Grow lettuce in the summer or tomatoes in the winter. Or operate a completely autonomous farm.


Together, we can innovate, design, and build a better way to grow. We grow as one. Are you ready to join?

DENSO and Certhon
The perfect mix: the world’s leading robotics experts plus the number one innovator in horticulture

The harvest robot is the result of a powerful partnership between DENSO and Certhon. DENSO’s ‘kaizen*’ combined with Certhon’s ingenuity, ensures the knowledge and experience to build solutions that matter. Guaranteed.


*Kaizen is a concept referring to business activities that continuously improve all functions and operations.

“For decades, the mission of my family and I has been to reinvent growing systems. This is a new era.”

Founder & CIO chief innovation officer Certhon

“It’s really the perfect cooperation between human and machine.”

CTO chief technical officer Certhon
  • Certhon

    At Certhon, we are no stranger to high-tech horticulture. Our combination of plant science and artificial intelligence helps us create tailor-made growing solutions for the most advanced high-tech horticultural projects, anywhere in the world. From greenhouse engineering & manufacturing to DayLED growing and robots; and tomorrow, we’ll deliver Yield-as-a-Service.


    We’re breaking the rules of growing to give growers higher yields, better quality, and the ability to control, predict and guarantee any produce, anywhere.

  • denso robot 5

    DENSO is a global manufacturer of automotive components offering advanced automotive technologies, systems and products. As a global Fortune 500 company, DENSO has a broad product portfolio and widespread global impact.


    DENSO has been a leader and pioneer in manufacturing automation, including the design and manufacturing of industrial robot arms, since the 1960s. DENSO robotics tech is widely applied in Agriculture, which are used worldwide. The Certhon Harvest Robot is the next step in autonomous growing and is based on existing robot technologies.